Blog 12/9/2014

The course outcomes were to develop the principles of writing that are used in our careers and I believe that this goal has been successfully achieved. I now understand what it takes to be successful in writing as an accountant.

My blog from 11/19 still holds true to my beliefs and the claims that I stated. I now connect the learning outcome of unique styles of writing that relate to my major. I now know that to be a successful accountant I need brief and factual writing. I do not need lengthy details and I need to state facts and definitions.

I make this connection by having researched the style of writing that is used in my field. I then applied this styled to my own writing throughout this course. In my writing I state definitions of terms that my audience might not know. This is something that my field tends to do frequently.

In order to further be successful in my field, I need to continue to practice their style of writing. I also need to talk to more accountants and ask them about how they write and some helpful tips that they could give me.

Over the course of my years here at EMU, I believe that I will be adequately prepared to be a successful accountant.


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