Blog 12/7/14

Blog: Write about your experiences at the Celebration of Student Writing on campus. What kinds of projects inspired you for future writing? How did people receive your work (what questions or comments did you get?)

The Celebration of Student Writing was an interesting experience. Many people had poster boards, some tvs and computers, other games, and one person even had a balloon arch. I was most inspired¬†by the creativity that some people put into the visual aspect of their writing and how they conveyed it to their peers. Being that I had a great amount of homework to do, I unfortunately did not get to walk around and look at other students’ work.

The presentations that my classmates had presented the day prior in class had inspired me, though. They addressed topics that I have covered in previous blogs. As far as my future writing goes, I will most definitely look at the way in which I approach a paper. This is a topic that we have covered many times and that is vital. (Refer to prior blog)

At the Celebration of Student Writing, people seemed to enjoy our presentation about Public Intellectualism. We got to present to a couple people and they seemed interested. They did not really ask any questions but they smiled and thanked us.


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