Blog post : 11/19/2014

A college writing course should not be the traditional “give the student basic ‘ideal’ writing background.” I believe that a college writing course should teach each student how to be prepared in their future career; after all, this is the purpose of college in the first place. While the professors may struggle with knowing every detail and aspect about every career and the way in which they write, it is not entirely necessary. As long as a professor is capable of minor research and understanding that writing is not to be graded as if everyone writes in the same way, everything should run smoothly.

In “This Fine Place So Far From Home: Stupid Rich Bastards”, by Laurel Johnson Black, found at , Black describes her story and how it related to writing. Black was decided early on that she was going to be the one in her family to go to college. She learned how to write “collegiately” as some may say. “Don’t talk to me like college, talk to me like a sista!” p(23). There are many ways in which people talk, so how can we say that one way is “the way” to write? Most people do not speak in the same way that they write. Also, many careers write in other ways that differ from the “ideal writing style”.

In the past, I have learned that writing should be lengthy. If you use words that are of a higher vocabulary, and even words that some people may not understand, you will sound smarter and therefore be a better writer. While having a broad vocabulary is beneficial, teaching students that this is THE way to write is not beneficial. The goal of an education is to prepare you to survive on your own and be successful. All careers have different styles of writing, and most do not match what we are taught early on.

As a matter of fact, in my future field of accounting, that style of writing is not used. Accountants prefer that our writing be minimal and to the point. Examples, charts, and calculations. Long, detailed, high vocabulary packed sentences is not what is used in accounting. Everything I was taught until my college writing class was not beneficial to my future career. To make arguments in my field, I will have to learn to reduce my writing to a minimal and use terms that the majority can comprehend.

In this course, I have read many professional writing pieces. I have learned that most are not written in the exact same style. In fact, different writing styles can help to make a point in a paper.

A college writing class should teach each student how to best succeed in their future career by encouraging students to research how writing is done in their field, and to practice that style.


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