Blog 11/2/2014 Writing Process

My writing process is the way that I write. How I go about writing a paper. Where I sit down to write, how ling it takes me to write, and where I begin my papers. In another writer’s blog, found at , another example of a writing process is described.

This author has really broken his process down into small steps. He describes each step thoroughly. His process includes thinking of a focus, brainstorming, outline, drafting a pre-headline, writing, editing, fine editing, as well as many other steps. This blog is almost the opposite of how I write my papers.

I procrastinate and do anything and everything else before even considering sitting down at my desk to write a paper. However, once I actually sit down to start writing a paper, the rest sort of happens. I bust out my paper so fast that I often don’t even have time to think about what I’m typing. I can write a decent length paper fairly quickly once I actually get started. After I’m done drafting the bulk of my paper, I take a long break before going back to edit what I have done.

My writing process is nothing like the process in the blog mentioned above. The key parts of John’s blog are how he focuses on one aspect at a time. He gives his attention to one piece of the essay, while I look at the paper as a whole. We have two different writing styles, yet each work for us.


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