Blog 11/9/201

In my first writing piece, that we emailed to our professor the first week of the semester, there were strategies that have since then been reinforced. (See first piece below)

” In my personal experience, writing situations can be quite stressful. Not knowing where to start, which approach to take, or how to tie it all together in an organized fashion. “There are sometimes so many aspects to consider when you sit down to write… …that you may be tempted to ignore many of them,” as stated by Losh, Elizabeth; Alexander, Jonathon; Cannon, Kevin; and Cannon, Zander. Understanding Rhetoric: A Graphic Guide to Writing. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2015. My experiences confirm this statement, for I, personally, struggle with knowing which direction to take in my work. I often do not put thought into each angle at first. Once deep thought has been put into all considerable aspects, I then feel overwhelmed by all of the possible angles to choose from. This feeling is only at the start of a new writing assignment, for once the beginning frustration is no longer present, an angle is much more easily able to be written about. ”

In the beginning of the semester, I use to sit down and write my assignments in one sitting. I would then turn them in just to get rid of them. Without realizing it, this was my writing strategy. The way that I write best. Now that I have learned that each individual has their own unique way of writing, I realize that this is my way. Currently, I am writing this assignment. Here’s how it is finally happening; I procrastinated for about three hours. Then I went and got a bag of sour patch kids from my room and set them in front of me. I then told myself that once this assignment was done I would allowed to have the candy. So I am finally starting this blog. I am sitting down and writing the entire blog out, just as I did back in the beginning of the semester without realizing it. The only difference is that now I tend to think more about the assignment before I bust it out. This course has brought to my attention the way that I write. What I do and don’t do when it comes to writing a blog or paper. Knowing how I write has not changed my process, it has just made it more understandable.


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