My Writing Process 10/19/2014


My latest writing piece was an essay about the type of writing that I will find in my future field of accounting.  Even further into the matter, I was prompted with a follow up to describe and illustrate the way in which I wrote my essay. In “Chronotopic Lamination: Tracing the Contours of Literate Activity” by Paul Prior and Jody Shipka, the idea of the writing process is greatly explored. “The first picture should represent how you actually engaged in writing this particular piece. That picture might show a place or places where you wrote, a kind of sustained episode of writing, what resources you use, other people whoa re involved, how you vary your activities as you engage in a  specific episode of writing, how you feel during the writing” p(182). In response, I drew my illustration, as show above, to the proposed directions.

First, I attempted to find articles about a topic of debate within my future field. After looking in the wrong places, my professor helped me learn where exactly to look. I then browsed through many articles before I found two on the same topic that I believed I could write an amazing essay on. They were both about fair value accounting. I then had the basis for my essay, and I read and reread and reread my articles and highlighted important pieces which I thought would be beneficiary.


“The second picture should represent the whole writing process for this project from start to finish (or to the current stage). The picture might show how this writing project got started, interactions with other people and other texts, experiences that have shaped the project over time, the history of drafts and responses to the drafts, your evaluations of and emotions about this project at different times and so forth” p(182). Once I knew the topic that I was going to write about, it was time to get started.

Sitting down with a classmate, we discussed what we each thought the professor had wanted from us, and we quickly realized that we had no idea. After emailing the professor we had a general idea and were both able to start writing. Being able to brainstorm with a classmate helped each of us view each other’s points and ideas. I believe that this greatly aided each of our writing pieces. After procrastinating on writing my first draft, it was the night before it was due. Typical college student right there. Anyways, I bribed myself by saying that as soon as I was done, I could go eat. Hungry, I was motivated to actually write my paper. I wrote a general sentence for each of the following; opening sentence, thesis, each body paragraph assertion, each general idea within those body paragraphs, closing summary sentences for each, a restated thesis, and a closing line. Satisfied with myself, I called it a wrap and went to dinner. The next day, before class, I read over my outline to ensure that it flowed correctly. We had a peer revision day where I was able to see other papers, and to get feedback from my peers on my work. I then felt that I understood the assignment more and was ready to add onto my paper.

Between sleeping, watching tv, eating, other homework, and other such activities, I slowly worked upon my second draft a little at a time. I expanded on each sentence I had previously had, and I also changed a few ideas. By the end of the night I was done, and I had the entire next day not to worry about my paper. After the next peer revision day in class, my paper had seen dramatic changes in comparison to the first draft. I did not touch my essay the day after those peer revisions. I gave myself time to be away from my paper and to think about it. In the next couple of days I slowly worked on transforming my paper into my final draft. I added more detail to some ideas, had my roommates read my paper, and read the paper aloud to myself. Of course, these actions were sporadic between meals, sleep, showers, other homework, classes, and other such activities, for that is how I work best. At the end, I turned my paper in early and then let it slip out of my thoughts. It was finally over and I was pleased with my work. This was my writing process.


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