Blog 10/1/14: EMU Faculty in Accounting

At a list of faculty that are involved in accounting here at Eastern Michigan University is readily available.

While the faculty teach accounting classes downtown at the College of Business, many, if not most, do work beyond the classroom. Many post in business journals as well as accounting journals. Some have their own entries, while others collaborate with other authors to develop an entry. I would assume that all of the accounting faculty do research that relates to accounting. While some may have pieces in books and papers.

Linda J. Burilovich, for example, has had frequent work in “The Tax Advisor” volumes.

The work of these professors relates to the article I have been working with. The article I have been working with focus on fair value accounting. The faculty here at EMU show me that there are many topics in my field that are always being discussed. The topics are not limited to fair value accounting. There will always be new trends, ideas, and research in my field.

In my field of accounting, my largest current question would be what does the future of accounting practices look like? What processes are not working currently? What needs to be fixed? What ideas are being figured out in today’s accounting world?

With these questions in mind, my interest in accounting grows greatly. What can I make of myself in the field? What can I do to help accounting grow and prosper?

I know I have a long ways to go in my education, but I am excited to one day be in a firm helping others and becoming a better accountant each and every day, just as the faculty here at EMU does daily.


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